Peter Munn

CEO and Managing Director

In 1990 Peter made the bold move to take voluntary redundancy from Telecom (NZ) to start his own business. From starting in his double garage to the current combined office and manufacturing facility, many products have moved from just an idea to realisation and success. Peter is still the driving force behind all new product lines and innovations and is always keen to stay involved through a products life cycle.

Margaret Andersen

Accounts Manager

Margaret has an accounting degree and brings a raft of skills to the team, with the most noticeable being her attention to detail. Margaret is an avid supporter of the Chiefs rugby team but we try not to hold that against her!

Amy Rogers

Accounts & Admin

Amy joined the team late in 2017 to assist with accounts and admin jobs. Amy brings a quality skill set to Harvest after previously working as a legal executive for law firms.

Karen MacDonald


Karen joined the team in 2019 with her attention to cleanliness much appreciated by all staff.

Gary Anderson

Senior Design Engineer

Gary is both our head boffin and the person responsible for bringing Peter's ideas to an actual product, although it must be said that even Gary can't always turn all of the boss's (sometimes crazy) ideas into a product.
Gary has been with Harvest since its beginning in 1990 making him our longest serving employee.

James McKenna

Design Engineer

James is an uber geek electrical engineer who lives and breathes electronics and gaming. When he is in the zone he can work or play long hours without even noticing the time.

Brendon Morgan

Software Development Manager

After a few years of study at Massey University Brendon now puts his skills to work in a mixture of responsibilities including managing software development, IT and also HR. His early work as part of the Tech Support and Sales teams has helped to give him insight into customer requirements.

Baden Grey

Software Developer

Baden has worked on many different projects in his years at Harvest. Baden is our database specialist - without him we would be lost! In recent years Baden has also been involved with Harvest sponsored community work assisting with developing a new scoring system for the Golden Shears.

Logan Clarke

Software Developer

Logan joined the Harvest team with a background in B2B sales and product support. As well as being a senior product specialist, Logan is also responsible for ensuring all new device firmware and new backend software are tested. Logan is also our R&D and special project man - if there is a chance our systems can do it, then Logan is the one to make it happen.

Jeremy Andrews

Software Developer

Jeremy joined the team in early 2019. Having spent the last 20 years working as a developer in various startup's, government and large enterprise organisations, Jeremy is enthusiastic about all things 'web' and tinkering in the IOT space.

Mike Whipps

IT Systems Administrator

Mike joined the team in late 2021, the move from Wellington being slightly shorter than the one undertaken when he originally left the UK in 2008. Mike has worked in a range of IT positions, from small schools, to large organisations, where he has redesigned networks, built websites, and imaged untold numbers of laptops and workstations.

Andrew Munn

Sales and Operations Manager

Andrew grew up working for his dad (Peter) after school building circuit boards. Upon leaving school he worked briefly at a local IT company before joining the Harvest team. Andrew currently heads up sales and operations and is the crucial link between sales, production and tech support teams.

Sam Tanner

Sales Team Leader

Sam Tanner joined the team in 2015 to assist with all things sales related. Sam has a background as a trained musician/songwriter and has previously worked on a dairy farm. Sam puts his design skills to good use by assisting with all things creative.

Jordan Olsen

Sales Engineer

Jordan joined the team in 2018 to assist with sales. He increases the Harvest musician count by one and is a trained audio engineer.

Benjamin Orme

Sales Engineer

Benjamin joined the team in 2018 to assist with sales and customer satisfaction. Ben has a background as an automotive technician and has an interest in all things mechanical and electrical. He also does a spot of sound engineering when ever he can.

Jess Scott

Sales Admin

Jeffery Farrell

Sales Engineer & Field Technician [South Island]

Jeff joined the team in 2017 with a background in the viticulture industry. Jeff brings a fresh perspective to the office having also been a Harvest customer. Jeff is based in South Canterbury. Some of his hobbies include hunting, fishing, and engineering.

Paul Chalmers

Sales Engineer & Field Technician [North Island]

Paul joined the team in 2021 as a sales engineer and field technician, based out of Hamilton. In 2012, Paul entered the Agtech Industry, and today, is an expert in effluent & irrigation management and monitoring systems. He loves all things Football and has spent the last 9 years coaching junior & senior teams at Melville High School.

Rhys Mill

Field Technician [South Island]

Rhys joined the team at the end of 2015 after spending 10 years as one of our service agents. Rhys brings a wealth of experience with him, not just with the Harvest product line but also as a field service technician. Rhys is based in Marlborough.

David Bray

Field Technician [North Island]

Davids background with Telecom and then a local electrical/data cabling contractor combined with a passion for amateur radio means David brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team. David's vast experience is often called upon while carrying out installations.

Michael Hollingsworth

Manufacturing Manager

Michael joined the team at the start of 2014 after previously working for a video/lighting production company. His responsibilities as manufacturing manager encompass purchasing, order scheduling and quality control. Michael is also the designated health and safety officer at Harvest.

Robert Gale

Senior Manufacturing Technician

Rob immigrated from England and has a background in electronic manufacturing and repairs. Rob works with Kayne and the tech support team to sort RMAs and repairs, alongside Gary in building prototypes and with Simon operating the SMD plant. Rob is an avid football player and supporter of AFC Bournemouth.

Callum Carson

Manufacturing & R&D Technician

Callum joined Harvest with a background as a qualified mechanic and part-time geek. With a skillset that mixes hardware and software, Callum wears many hats at Harvest including system building, product design, research and development, CAD design, custom machining and logic programming. Callum claims his first (and highly successful) campaign was convincing the boss that Harvest needed a CNC mill. "Next stop, robotic arm!"

Mike Ousey

Manufacturing Technician

As the longest serving manufacturing technician - Mike has been involved with the ever developing technology. Mike was responsible for the assembly of the first frost alarms and weather stations so there isn't a Harvest product that he has not worked on.

Simon Aplin

Manufacturing Technician

Simon is involved in a variety of projects including Kiwirail, the Harvest Shearing Scoring System and other custom product lines. With a passion for electronics Simon is also receiving training from our senior technician, Rob Gale, to further his skills as a technician. His artistic skills are also put to good use and he is responsible for diagrams such as the one pictured on our homepage. Simon loves nothing more than getting home after a tough day and enjoying some online gaming!

Philip Hanson

Manufacturing Technician

Phil has worked in the telecommunications and electronics industry since leaving school in 1979. As part of the production team, Phil helps with final assembly and shipping of core Harvest product lines. Phil also assists with field installations during busy periods. Outside of work, Phil hosts a local radio show with his wife, play in two bands and enjoy family time.

Henry van Manen

Manufacturing Technician

Henry brings half a century's experience to his role. He's worked on everything from vintage valve amp technology, to modern electronics, and music recording. He's an avid electric guitar player and has been in rock bands in Holland since the 60's, then taking it on the road from the 90's...which led him to New Zealand; he currently plays in a band with friends as well as in his church's worship group. Henry's vast experience and steady hand are certainly appreciated by the production team.

Josiah Reid

Manufacturing Technician

Josiah joined the manufacturing team in 2016 to assist with mechanical assembly. With no hesitation to get stuck into whatever is put before him, Josiah's enthusiasm is much appreciated by the team. In his spare time Josiah is a budding sound technician.

Hayden White

Manufacturing Technician

Xavier Oh

Manufacturing Assistant

Xavier joined our manufacturing team in late 2019 after completing two terms of work experience through his high school gateway course. Outside of work Xavier spends most of his time making music and hopes to further this in the years to come.

Louise Hanson

Manufacturing Assistant

Mitchell Ousey

Manufacturing Assistant

Mitchell started at Harvest in late 2020 during the summer holidays and has continued to work after school hours during the year. He is primarily responsible for assembling all the stainless steel enclosures that house our equipment. Mitchell excels at the science’s and aims to further study the medical science’s this through university in the coming years.

Ella Munn

Manufacturing Assistant

Ella assists with a range of assembly after school and during school holidays.

David Lynn

Quality Assurance

David joined the team in 2021, with several decades’ prior experience in InfoTech companies (start-up through multinational) and in Business Advisory. His deliberate, logical nature and background in business best practice and multi-project familiarity underpin his role at Harvest. Away from work David enjoys living rurally with a fast-growing family and a menagerie of ‘pets’.

Kayne Lane

Warranty and Repairs Coordinator

Kayne joined the team at Harvest in late 2017 to assist with the coordination of all returns and repairs that come through the doors and assists with purchasing and inventory management. Outside of work he enjoys hitting the gym, tinkering with computer systems and spending time with family.

Situation Vacant

Support Team Manager

We are looking for a talented individual with management experience to manage our support teams (currently made up of 12 staff split between customer and technical support) as they grow, and continue to improve the support that we offer our customers. This is a permanent, full-time position.
Please see our Trademe ad for more info.

Daniel Rollason

Tech Support Team Leader

Dan comes from an IT and Telematics background most recently living and working in Washington DC. He enjoys working with all forms of tech which bleeds across into his main hobby, motorsport. He spends a lot of time building, tuning and competing in various motorsport events. Otherwise you will find him out on the coast somewhere finding a secluded fishing spot or the total opposite, attending heavy metal concerts with his wife.

Situation Vacant

Tech Support

Harvest are currently advertising for a new team member to join our growing support team in a technical support role. Please refer the advertisement on Trademe for more details.

Jay King

Tech Support

Jay joined the team in 2017. Hailing from the hot lands of Africa he brings a sunny smile to the team. Previous work experience incorporates many areas of industry from petrochemical and power plants to PLCs and water meters. If there is a weird industry setup, we can count on Jay to have some experience. Outside of work he has a wife and kids. He enjoys walks through the NZ bush and relaxing at home.

Daniel Taplin

Tech Support

Daniel joined the Tech Support Team in 2018. Prior to joining Harvest Daniel completed a Diploma in Computer Servicing and a Degree in Software Engineering at Weltec. Daniel is passionate about technology and spends his spare time programming or winding down with some gaming.

Jesse Croucher

Tech Support

Jesse was an Auctioneer and Valuer for 15 years in Sydney, Australia before moving back to the Wairarapa with his family. He has been a computer enthusiast since getting a Commodore 64 in the 1980’s, a big fan of Open Source Projects Inc, Linux Operating system and the Raspberry Pi devices.
In his spare time Jesse enjoys spending time with family, gardening as well as bushwalking and exploring the New Zealand coast.

Christian Neumann

Tech Support

Christian joined the support team late 2020 after spending 2 years in the telecommunications industry. Christian enjoys spending his time working with computers and thoroughly enjoys helping people getting the most out of the technology we are surrounded by.

Arie Wessels

Tech Support

Jason McClelland

Customer Support Team Leader

Jason is a qualified Audio Engineer and before joining Harvest worked at RNZ in Wellington as the Team Leader for Production. He loves all things tech especially within music and media and has a slow growing vinyl collection.
In his downtime he works on his Opaki Lifestyle block with his family cultivating Olives and Yuzu, and tending to his Kune Kune Pigs, Sheep and Horses. If there was other spare time it would be spent at Riversdale Beach, surfing or checking the craypot.

Isabella Goldsmith

Customer Support

Bella joins us in a customer support role, coming from a horticultural background and with a variety of experience in retail and inward goods. Her primary responsibilities are communicating with customers and working as a bridge between sales and technical support.

Louie (Matthew) Coles

Customer Support

Louie is originally from Hamilton and has traveled around the world from time to time. He comes from a tech background after working at a bowling alley fixing bowling machines and then in the telco industry. He is a big fan of helping people and making sure they get the best customer support. In his spare time he plays football for Douglas Villa, spends time with family, plays video games, and hangs with mates.

Emma Mail

Customer Support

Emma comes from a background in Administration Customer Support and Horticulture. She loves helping customers. Outside of work she enjoys horse riding and competing in dressage. She spends time with her partner, dog, cat, and cockatiel. On top of which she is a bit of a renown baker, providing a variety of treats for the office.

Melita McHardy

Customer Support

Milly is a part of the customer support team, coming from a background in the coffee industry as a barista and then horticulture. She is generally seen around Harvest wearing bold, colourful clothing and her favourite choice of footwear - crocs. Milly has an interest in cars and can be found attending car enthusiast cruises. When she's not spending time around cars she is often in the kitchen baking and decorating cakes.

Shea Hullah

Customer Support

Sebastian "Bash"

Workplace Satisfaction Officer

Sebastian, or Bash as he prefers to be called, can be found mainly in our production area. Bash assists in ensuring workplace satisfaction. He can often be found patrolling our production area and is especially vigilant at lunch break ensuring a tidy break room by cleaning up anything dropped on the floor.